“Those Who Know Others”

“Those who know others are wise;
those who know themselves are enlightened.
Those who overcome others are powerful;
those who overcome themselves are strong.
Those who are contented are rich;
those who act strongly have will.
Those who do not lose their place endure;
those who die without perishing live long.”
“Those Who Know Others” – Tao Te Ching

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Fragile System

No matter how hard to we try to make a solution to our problems, the universe is so designed that these solutions never come. We are constantly unsatisfied with each outcome, with this ego mind we will never feel satisfyingly happy…

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Rise Through Pain

I let go commanding thoughts that lead to a cycle of pain and agony. I release negative feedbacks and opinions that denotes the value of someone’s perception, giving them a negative impact on my actions and words of truth. During the times that cannot be controlled, I accept the mistakes I have made and accept […]

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Change & Create

If you say, “I just can’t help the way I feel,” you will only make yourself a victim of your misery – and you’ll be fooling yourself because you can change the way you feel.

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