Fragile System

No matter how hard to we try to make a solution to our problems, the universe is so designed that these solutions never come. We are constantly unsatisfied with each outcome, with this ego mind we will never feel satisfyingly happy…

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Change & Create

If you say, “I just can’t help the way I feel,” you will only make yourself a victim of your misery – and you’ll be fooling yourself because you can change the way you feel.

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Beautiful British Columbia

I took off for the long weekend and visited my friends in Deroche City, located eleven miles from Mission City and fifty miles from Vancouver city. I was amazed with how little technology people used there, as if they didn’t need any of it. I could definitely see why, and from that, I felt like time was all we had. No rush, no stress and no judgements needed. It was my first time off roading with my friends, while going up we snapped a picture and I had no words to add to it. I was mesmerized by how beautiful this city was, how beautiful this country is. Absolutely amazing. Views like this are the reason why I want to travel further…I want to go higher. This journey is far from done. This is just the beginning of a new chapter.

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Jungle Fever

Sitting here at a Vietnamese crepe restaurant in Ho Phong, Vietnam, I was mesmerized by the beauty of nature that was surrounding me. I had a simply delicious pan-fried seafood crepe as well as a fish entree and fresh coconut juice for refreshments. Ahh….. What a nice break during my journey.

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