A Soulful Reminder: Catch Your Breath


For thousands of years yoga and Ayurveda contributed to help many people understand the workings of both consciousness and universe. Both being the fundamental healing teachings of India, it has brought us to equilibrium with nature, our inner self and our realizations bringing us closer to all aspects of healing, science, art and culture. Yoga is an inner spiritual practice being known in Sanskrit as Sadhana. With Sadhana, one will find themselves in balance and harmony with self-realization. To fulfill many Ayurvedic teachings one must first be in harmony with yoga to maintain and restore health. The beautiful science behind Ayurveda viewed our embodied nature (mind, body and spirit) as the primary importance of our health. Because the causes of disease and the treatment of diseases are connected together in a system of optimal health and well being, to maintain one’s health requires inner work with the spirit, exercise for the body, and nourishing foods for the soul.

Simple yoga stretches and practices does not require too much time of your day, however, little to no exercise can result to poor posture, weak limbs and bone deficiency. Quick, safe and easy stretches or even deep meditation and deep breathing will help greatly to your conditions. Just because you don’t see any signs of weak bones or stress that does not necessarily state you should not participate in yoga activities to prevent it from happening. Not everybody believes they have time for yoga only because we often feel like there isn’t enough time to do so. Yoga helps not only with stress, body aches, muscle pains, osteoporosis, arthritis, insomnia, rheumatic pains, anger disorders and anxiety, it also brings us in equilibrium with our consciousness and nature. You cannot simply practice yoga and expect peace to arise right away, yoga and meditation does not require too much thinking. If you are expecting peace from your surroundings, try practicing silence with yourself to unfold the peace within. Deep meditations followed by a practice of deep rhythmic breathing will be beneficial to the mind and heart.

Take some time to yourself to appreciate your inner balance that you feel right now. A moment of closure, a moment to slow down the breath and thoughts, could truly bring out your most positive energies to the surface. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, however long you practice for, as long as you keep up with it you will feel great changes.

I hope this post bring you clarity to your mind and helps you slow down a bit during your busy day.



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