The Ayurvedic Routine: Guidelines to Help Vitalize Your Constitution

A daily routine is vitally important for maintaining good health while promoting transformation through our body, mind and consciousness to a higher level of performance. How we live our daily life is the key factor in determining your health and our essence of experience. It is also the factor over which we have the most control. We cannot control our genetic makeup, but what we do every day to remain healthy or to prevent diseases is controlled by our choices and lifestyle, it also plays a major role in our mental and physical health. The ideal Ayurvedic daily routine is based on patterns of nature which also means your prakruti. Everything you do determines your balance with your prakruti (or nature). Ayurveda believes that our bodies heal from within. Our bodies work with nature to maintain proper balances of doshas. Ayurveda is the natural approach to total wellness. So let me ask you, dear reader, if you decide to take control of your lifestyle and design new healthier habits, what principles will guide you?

Here are some healthful guidelines to manage your routine:

  • At the time of the morning before the sun rises, pure qualities are lively in nature which can bring freshness to the doors of perception. Peace of mind will follow once the routine is embedded. The ideal lifestyle of a Vata is to wake up at 6:00 AM, Pitta people by 5:30 AM, and Kapha people by 4:30 AM. Do what you can to gain the benefits of waking up early.

  • Feel fresh and alert in the morning by splashing your face with cold water, rinsing your mouth out, and washing your eyes with cool water. Do this a couple of times. Massaging your eyelids in the morning by rubbing it gently with your fingertips will promote alertness.

  • Drinking a glass of room-temperature water will wash the gastrointestinal tract and flush the kidneys. It also helps with having a good bowel movement in the morning.  It is suggested that Vata and Kapha people drink hot water while lukewarm water is best for Pitta people. Drinking cold water may provoke Kapha disorders such as colds, coughs and sore throats.

  • Make it a habit as well to drink hot water regularly. A classical Ayurvedic recommendation for balancing Vata and Kapha doshas, strengthening digestive power, and reducing metabolic waste (Ama) that may have accumulated in one’s system.
  • Daily self massage in the morning with warm oils such as sesame or sunflower strengthens the skin and muscles and nourishes the tissues. This practice daily enhances a feeling of love and well being.

  • Having trouble sleeping? Keep in mind that diet has a pivotal role to play in case of bettering one’s sleeping pattern. Take light meals at night. Refrain from eating spicy or fried meals for dinner to ensure naturally sound sleep.

This is just a few examples of how a few changes could be the solution to many common problems. Always do your own research to find what fits best in your lifestyle. If you have any questions or any inputs you’d like to put down, don’t hesitate to share!

Photo origin unknown.

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