Ayurvedic Guidelines to Reverse Sickness

Lifestyle changes take time to get used to but the most important changes come from the root of every first step towards a new beginning. A well balanced routine and the increased vitality it conveys are an elixir of life. Feeling enhanced each day will be your continuous motivator as you move toward a healthier lifestyle. Recipes make cooking accessible, and healthful habits are part of the recipe for recreating yourself. Ayurveda believes that routine regulates the body and mind by actively strengthening immunity. Here are a few guidelines to help reverse and prevent sickness: Photo by Dog Help Network @Flickr

• Drinking warm or room temperature water through the day provides a daily cleansing of the digestive tract. Keeping the channels of circulation open as well as helping the body eliminate impurities, boiling water for 10 minutes is beneficial if you are having digestive problems or if you are trying to lose weight.

• To produce healthy tissues and keep our physiology functioning optimally it is vital that the food we eat is of the highest quality. Eat organic food as much as possible. Strictly avoid genetically engineered or genetically modified food (GMOS). Buy straight from the source for produce. Replace artificial flavoring, color and sweeteners with fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

• Our digestive fire (agni) needs to be able to digest the ingested food properly. Do not eat too quickly or too slowly, overeating may affect your agni and your digestive tract which may lead to constipation and indigestion. After dinner allow yourself to digest by resting for 10 minutes followed by an evening walk.

• In the morning check for a white coating on your tongue, or a bad breath in the morning. That indicates last night’s dinner is still digesting and it would not help your agni (digestive power) properly if breakfast was consumed. It’ll give your Agni power more work to do and slow you down while taking in the lethargic heaviness. Tip: scrape your tongue with a copper tongue scraper to eliminate bad breath and bacteria.

• Avoid starting your morning with a cup of coffee or black tea before ingesting food. This will drain kidney energy, over stimulate the adrenals and promote constipation. This is also habit-forming and not the kind of habits we would want in our routine!

You should not have to live a life of mindless health mistakes that will lead to an imbalance, then expecting the doctors to save you with their pen and prescription notes. Imbalances, short-term or long-term diseases start from a seed form into gross pathology over many years. Being mindful of our choices for a balanced state of being will overall reverse many health conditions. Imbalances to the physiology are caused by the poor and unhealthy choices we make daily. Modern medicine has recognized that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to prevent diseases and  imbalance.  Appropriate eating habits, exercise and helpful routines can actually reverse many disorders. A few examples are osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, insomnia and many levels of stress.

Be happy and healthy minded, and I hope this post is helpful to you. Stay collected and remain humble 🙂

With Love,

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